Stanbic Bank Transfer Code 2022 | Stanbic Bank USSD Code

I will demonstrate how to utilize the Stanbic Bank Transfer Code and Stanbic Bank USSD Code in this post. You have arrived to the correct location if you are a Stanbic bank customer. This page discusses how to register your Stanbic ibtc transfer code, how to purchase airtime using Stanbic bank mobile banking, how to transfer money from Stanbic bank to other banks, and how to send money from Stanbic bank to other banks.
You will acquire critical information about Stanbic Bank mobile banking and how to utilize Ussd codes to complete transactions as a result of reading this article. Stanbic bank is not immune to the Internet banking trend. They are committed to provide their users with the finest services possible.


You may send money to anyone in the globe with the stanbic bank mobile transfer code. This alleviates the hassle associated with visiting a bank and completing documents in order to transfer money to friends, family, or business contacts.




You can use Stanbic bank ussd codes for more than just money transfers. You may pay your utility bills, cable subscriptions such as Gotv, and airtime for your phone number in the same way that others do.

The good news is that this service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There is no time restriction and you may bank from the convenience of your home. Stanbic bank money transfer codes do not require the use of the Internet to function.


How To Obtain A Stanbic Bank USSD Code

By signing up for Stanbic bank mobile banking, you will be able to access stanbic ibtc ussd transfer code, stanbic ibtc ussd code, and stanbic ibtc airtime recharge code, among other services.

Dial *909*1*7# to register for or activate stanbic bank mobile transfer code. The code must be called on the phone number associated with your Stanbic bank account or the phone number associated with your Stanbic bank alerts. Now, follow the on-screen instructions to complete full activation.


• Dial *909# from the phone number associated with your bank.

• Select option 6 for Other Services >>> option 1 for My Bank >>> option 7 for PIN creation

• Type in the final four numbers of your ATM card.

• Select your USSD PIN (Must be 4 digits)

To confirm, re-enter the PIN.

Characteristics of the Stanbic Bank Transfer Code

• Cash deposits and withdrawals at our extensive agent network.

• Money transfers to anybody — subscribers to Stanbic IBTC *909# Mobile Money as well as non-subscribers.

• Your wallet may be linked to a debit card.

• Additionally, you may update your PIN and examine your transaction history at any time.

• You may transfer money to relatives and friends safely and conveniently.

Additionally, you may pay monthly cable subscriptions and PHCN payments.

• You may attach a Verve card to your wallet, which can be used to make withdrawals at any of our ATMs.

• You receive complimentary mini statements and PIN changes.

• At an ATM or via your phone, you can purchase airtime or recharge family and friends’ phones for all networks.


Stanbic Bank Transfer Code for Transfer to Other Banks

If you are a Stanbic bank customer and wish to transfer funds/money to other bank customers such as First Bank, UBA, or GTBank, please click here. Then, using your phone, follow the steps below to complete the purchase.

To transfer funds to other bank accounts in Nigeria, dial *909*22*Amount*Account Number#.

To transfer 10,000 naira to another bank account, dial *909*22*10000*0876454586# and confirm the transaction with your PIN.

OR, instead, follow the lengthy procedure.


*909# >> Enter a value of one for My Bank >> Transfer Input 4 >> Enter the required amount >> Select the beneficiary’s bank >> verify the beneficiary’s account number >> PIN.

To Transfer Money from One Stanbic Bank Account to Another


This approach is applicable for transferring funds to another Stanbic bank customer. Then, as instructed below, pay funds to the account.

To transfer funds to another Stanbic IBTC account, dial *909*11*Amount*Account Number#. To transfer 5,000 naira to another Stanbic bank account, use the following code: *909*11*5000*0876454586# and authorize the transaction with your PIN.


If the approach outlined above does not work for you when it comes to transferring funds to other bank users and fellow Stanbic bank customers, follow the steps outlined below:-


• Enter *909#.

• Enter a value of 1 for My Bank;

• Transfer Input 4;

• Enter the required quantity;

• Select the beneficiary’s bank >> enter the beneficiary’s account number >> verify the beneficiary’s data >> enter the beneficiary’s PIN.

You will receive an email indicating if your purchase was successful or not.

How To Change The PIN For A Stanbic Bank Transfer

• Dial *909# from the phone number associated with your bank.

• Choose 6 for Additional Services >> 1 for My Bank >> 6 for PIN change

• Provide your current PIN.

Enter your new PIN number (must be 4 digits and different from the current one)

• Confirm the new PIN by re-entering it.


How To Check The Balance Of Your Stanbic Bank Account Using Your Phone

You are not need to visit an ATM or bank in order to view your account balance. You may check your account balance and see how much money is left in your account from the comfort of your own home by calling a few digits.

To check the balance of your Stanbic bank account, dial *909# >> 2 for Balance Inquiry. Alternatively, call *909*1*1#. Your balance will be sent to you by the bank.

How To Purchase Stanbic Bank Airtime

When you have money in your bank account, avoid running out of airtime. Learn how to use USSD codes to recharge your Stanbic bank account.

To Self-Recharge: To reload the phone number associated with the opening of your Stanbic bank account. *909*Amount# For instance, if you wish to recharge 500 naira, dial *909*500# and you will be credited with 500 naira worth of airtime on your preferred network.

How To Purchase Airtime From Stanbic Bank To A Different Phone Number


This procedure is applicable if you wish to recharge phone numbers that are not linked to a specific Stanbic bank account. This might be a family member’s phone number or a phone number that is not associated with Stanbic Bank. To recharge the phone number, follow the instructions below.

*909*Amount*Phone number# Dial *909*Amount*Phone number# For instance, dial *909*1000*08104128059# to acquire 1000 naira airtime.