Sterling Bank Recharge Code | How To Buy Airtime From Sterling Bank

You’re looking for Sterling Bank Recharge Code, aren’t you? I’ll demonstrate how to purchase airtime from your Sterling bank account in this article. You may purchase airtime for yourself and others, but only using the phone number associated with the Sterling bank account.

You may use Sterling bank mobile banking to do a variety of tasks. Banking is becoming increasingly simple on a daily basis. Nowadays, you may conduct banking transactions from the convenience of your home. This means that you are not required to exert effort or visit the bank in order to transact. Sterling is not excluded from the trend toward digital banking. They have developed a variety of services that will enable her consumers to access mobile banking. The sterling recharge code was created to assist you in purchasing airtime from your bank.



How To Purchase Airtime Using Your Sterling Account


No Internet connection is required to purchase credit or talktime from your Sterling account. All that is required is the sim that was used to create your Sterling account. If you have not yet activated your sterling bank mobile banking code, please CLICK HERE.

Sterling Bank Self-Service Recharge Code

Recharging your phone is as straightforward as it gets. Simply call *822*AMOUNT# to quickly recharge your phone.

For instance, dial *822*1000# and your phone will be recharged with $1000 worth of airtime…. Does this seem too good to be true? That is the allure of USSD banking.

N/B: In order to utilize this service, you must call the codes using the same phone number that was used to establish your account; this is the only way for the system to determine which network to recharge.

How To Purchase Airtime From A Sterling Bank Account To A Different Number

To recharge for another person (family or friend), phone *822# and choose AIRTIME OTHERS, then enter the amount and your four-digit PIN.


*822*AMOUNT*NUMBER# Dial. This transaction will require your four-digit PIN.

Additionally, you may do other activities like as changing your PIN or verifying your BVN by dialing *822# and following the on-screen prompts.