Sterling Bank USSD Codes For Transaction | Sterling Bank Transfer Code 2022

2022 is the sterling bank transfer code. Sterling bank customers may now easily check their account balances, make transfers, and even pay bills from the comfort of their own homes by using the Sterling bank ussd code.
Though Sterling Bank USSD Codes For Transactions are a simple and secure method of transacting, many individuals are unfamiliar with how they function and why they should use them. In this post, I’ll walk you through the process of setting up ussd services and initiating transactions using the Sterling bank’s ussd code. If you presently bank with Sterling bank plc, this article has all the information you want.


What information should I expect to discover in this article? This article provides an in-depth analysis of a USD Bank transaction with Sterling bank. Additionally, it provides a step-by-step guide on how to configure your phone for USD banking, establish your four-digit authentication pin, check your account balance, transfer cash, and purchase airtime for yourself and others.

USSD stands for Unstructured Supplementary Service Data and is a new technology that enables clients to communicate directly with their service provider (in this example, BANKS) without utilizing a third-party intermediary. The one-of-a-kind Sterling bank ussd code enables Sterling Bank clients to access basic banking services on-the-go using any GSM phone.

The Advantages Of Sterling Bank Money Transfer Coupon Codes

• You may register and activate for Mobile Money using Sterling Bank’s USSD Code service.

• You may send money to relatives and friends.

• You may reload airtime for your own use, as well as that of your friends and relatives.

• Verify your balance


How Does Sterling Bank’s USSD Code Operate?


To have access to Sterling bank’s ussd services, you must first be a customer of the bank. Second, you must register for the services using the cell phone number associated with your bank account (this is to guarantee that no one else may access your account without your approval). To guarantee additional security, you will be requested to generate a four-digit PIN during registration. After you’ve completed the setup and registration, you’re ready to begin utilizing the service.


How To Activate Sterling Bank’s Mobile Banking Transfer Code

Before you may use sterling bank mobile banking to do any transaction. Your phone number must be activated before you can use it. As mentioned previously, this phone number must be associated with the Sterling bank account. To activate, follow the steps below.

• From the phone number associated with your account, dial *822#.

• To register, reply with a number one.

• Enter the ten-digit number for your bank account.

• Provide the necessary information about your debit card.

• Create a four-digit PIN code.

• Confirm your PIN by re-entering it.


• Dial *822# on your GSM phone using the same number you used to create your Sterling bank account.

• Create your four-digit security PIN by following the on-screen prompts.

• You may now begin taking advantage of the services.


How To Make A Money Transfer From Sterling Bank

By utilizing Sterling bank’s USSD services, you may send money to anybody, anywhere, using only your phone. Here we will walk you through the process of sending money to a fellow Sterling bank account and transferring funds to other banks.

How To Transfer Money From One Sterling Bank Account To Another

This is a bank-to-bank transfer. Use this technique if the receiver, like you, has a sterling bank account. *822*4*AMOUNT*NUBAN# Dial

Transfer Code From Sterling Bank To Another Bank


This approach is identical to how money is transferred from one sterling bank to another. This technique may be used to send money to account holders at First bank, UBA, GTbank, and others.

• From the phone number associated with your Sterling Bank account, dial *822#.

• Reply with four for transfers to sterling bank accounts and five for transfers to other banks such as UBA, GTbank, and so on.

• If using a sterling bank, enter the beneficiary’s precise account number.

• For other banks, follow the on-screen instructions to choose the beneficiary’s bank, continue, and input the beneficiary’s proper account number.

• Enter the amount to be transferred.

• Verify that the displayed account name corresponds to that of your recipient.

• To approve the transfer, enter your four-digit PIN.


• Enter *822#

• Respond to the on-screen prompt by entering the number adjacent to the service you wish to perform.

• Select the bank to which you wish to send funds.

• Enter the transfer amount.

• Enter the individual’s account number.

• Enter your four-digit PIN and confirm the transaction.

• Await confirmation of the transfer’s success.

• Done!!


A Synopsis of Sterling Bank’s Mobile Banking Codes for the Year 2021


Dial *822*4*AMOUNT*ACCOUNT NUMBER# for Sterling bank to Sterling bank transactions. This service allows for transfers of up to 100,000 per transaction and 500,000 per day.

Dial * 822*5*AMOUNT*ACCOUNT NUMBER & BANK# to transfer funds from Sterling bank to other banks. This service allows for transfers of up to 100,000 per transaction and 500,000 per day.

How To Check The Balance Of Your Sterling Bank Account

Simply call *822*6# on your GSM phone to view your account balance. This service may necessitate another service.

Transfer Code for Sterling Bank Airtime

Recharging your phone is as straightforward as it gets. Simply call *822*AMOUNT# to quickly recharge your phone.

For instance, dial *822*1000# and your phone will be recharged with $1000 worth of airtime…. Does this seem too good to be true? That is the allure of USSD banking.

N/B: In order to utilize this service, you must call the codes using the same phone number that was used to establish your account; this is the only way for the system to determine which network to recharge.


How To Purchase Airtime From A Sterling Bank Account To A Different Number

To recharge for another person (family or friend), phone *822# and choose AIRTIME OTHERS, then enter the amount and your four-digit PIN.


*822*AMOUNT*NUMBER# Dial. This transaction will require your four-digit PIN.

Additionally, you may do other activities like as changing your PIN or verifying your BVN by dialing *822# and following the on-screen prompts.

That is all for now, gentlemen. Streamline your banking experience by following the instructions above and utilizing Sterling bank’s USSD codes.

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