The Maximum Amount You Can Withdraw From GCB ATM

Do you want to know how much money you can get from a GCB ATM Card? If you didn’t know, then you now know.

This guide will tell you how much money you can withdraw from an ATM at Ghana Commercial Bank.

It is very upsetting to go to a GCB ATM to get money and find out that your ATM card limit can’t be reached.

If you don’t want to end up in this situation, you need to know how much money you can get from a GCB ATM with your ReadyCash card (ATM Card).

The introduction of an automatic teller machine has cut down on the long lines at the bank during working hours.

In the banking industry, it has made things easier for them to do business, and it has brought in more customers.

When you use a GCB ATM, what is the maximum amount you can withhdraw?

The ATM at the Ghana Commercial Bank has a daily limit of GHS 200.00.

So if you want to get more money out of GCB than that, you have to try one of the other ways to get money out of the bank, like going to the bank or using mobile banking.

How do I get a GCB ATM?

GCB ATM cards can be given to any customer of Ghana Commercial Bank who asks for them. If you don’t have an account with GCB, you can’t get an ATM card.

Ask for an ATM card from the customer service desk at a branch near you.

Can I raise the minimum amount I can withdraw from my GCB ATM?

If you can’t withdraw more money with your ATM card than you have, what is the next question that comes to your mind?

As of now, the maximum amount that can be taken out of a bank ATM in Ghana is GHS 200. When you want to change your ATM limit, you can do it any time you want to. You can go to any GCB bank branch in Ghana and ask to raise your ATM withdrawal limit at any time.

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