Titan Trust Bank loan:Application process for Salary Advance,Personal Loan and school Fee Advance Loan

Obtaining a loan is more than just a paywall-free experience, as TITAN is passionate about the future, dedicated to the future, and laser-focused on building a world-class loan facility.

Personal Loan, Salary Advance, and Fee Advance are loan options offered by Titan Trust Bank to corporate and business employees, professionals, and other salary account holders.

TITAN is a dependable partner when you require supplemental capital or assistance in releasing business opportunities and generating superior returns.

This post provides a new field guide with an expert’s perspective on the most significant factors influencing how to apply for loan facilities.

TITAN Salary Increase

The bank intends to implement a variety of cutting-edge technological and digital solutions in order to provide its clients with world-class loan facility and other banking services.

75% of a customer’s net monthly salary may be accessed as a short-term loan if their salary account is domiciled with Titan Trust Bank.

Before approving a salary advance loan, the loan officer determines a percentage based on an individual evaluation of the following factors:

1.Form of application (verified).

2.Form for salary advance (verified).

3.Declaration of dedication

4.Staff ID, other acceptable forms of ID, and PVC.

5.A photograph of the borrower’s passport.

6.Inquiry into employee status form.

7.Confirmation of the Bank Verification Number (BVN) by HOP.

8.Loan proposal form.

9.Account Linkage form for transferring salary to a savings account.

Other prerequisites include:
Maximum term of 31 days, payable on next payday.

2.Residency of salary at Titan Trust Bank.

3.1 months of salary for domicile.

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TITAN Private Loan

The loan facility is intended for employees of specific corporations whose staff salary accounts are domiciled with the bank.

In addition to meeting the following Requirements, the borrower must provide the information listed below.

1.Available following a minimum of one month of payroll administration.

2.A filled-out application form

Employer’s 3.Completed Employee Status Inquiry


5.Valid identification documents and employment identification documents

6.Confirmation letter/Promotion letter.

7.Payslips to display monthly earnings

8.Conduct credit checks to determine whether borrowers are able and willing to repay the loan.

9.Banking Confirmation Number (BVN)

Letter of Lien and Counterclaim

11.Irrevocable domicile of compensation and benefits/credit life insurance.

What are the characteristics and advantages of the TITAN Personal Loan?

1.The maximum obligor limit is 75% of annual income (where the confirmed terminal benefit exceeds 100% of the loan amount) and the maximum loan term is 36 months.

2.A maximum obligor limit of 50 percent of annual income (in the absence of a terminal benefit) and a maximum term of 24 months.

3.Adaptability to diverse personal needs.
4.Minimum limit of N100,000 per Obligor
5.25 percent of the employee’s annual salary with a maximum 12-month repayment period
6.Debt-to-income ratio subject to 33.3%.

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TITAN Advance Fee

As a new commercial bank in Nigeria that operates as a national bank, the Fee Advance loan prepares depositors for the changing world ahead.

The loan facility is intended to provide parents and guardians with short-term financing to cover tuition fees for corporate and establishment employees, professionals, and other salary account holders.

Advance Benefits TITAN Fee

1.The loan facility is intended to prevent the interruption of a child’s or ward’s education due to unforeseen circumstances.
2.Borrowers are eligible for loans up to NGN5 million.
3.The bank offers refinancing and money transfer services.

Application requirements for TITAN Fee Advance

1.An application form filled out and signed by the borrower.

2.Letter of admission issued by the school or institution.

3.Tuition Statement/Invoice

4.Letter of salary account domicile with Titan Trust Bank.

5.Copy of employment identification and valid identification documents.

6.Number of Bank Verification (BVN).

7.Credit checks to determine the borrower’s creditworthiness in terms of capacity and willingness to repay the loan.

How to apply for a loan from Titan Trust Bank

The interested borrower should walk into the nearest branch to request any of the aforementioned loan options. Additionally, they can call this number for inquiries.

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