UBA Internet Banking 2022 – Download UBA Mobile Banking App

I’ll cover all you need to know about UBA Internet Banking 2022 and UBA Mobile Banking in this post. I decided to create this blog after spending an hour searching for information on how to register for UBA online banking. There are significant distinctions between UBA transfer codes and UBA mobile banking.
USSD codes can be used to conduct transactions. This approach is not dependent on an internet connection. I’ve published a full post about UBA transfer codes, which you can read here.

This article focuses on UBA’s Internet banking and mobile banking applications. The following is a step-by-step tutorial on registering for and using internet banking. You can use the UBA mobile app to conduct transactions over one million naira. Additionally, you will receive a direct link to download the UBA online banking application.


UBA Online Banking Features



• Self-registration is simple; you may create and activate your online banking account on your own.

• You can keep an eye on your account. Internet banking enables you to obtain a summary of your account transactions and the methods used to complete them. This does not include incoming and outgoing transactions.

• You have the ability to send and receive money. Transfers inside the bank and to other financial institutions.

• You may now pay for airline tickets from the convenience of your home. This is accomplished through the use of the UBA mobile banking app.

• You may bank 24 hours a day and conduct transactions on holidays and weekends.

• Purchase airtime and make payments on bills.

UBA Mobile Online Banking Requirements


• You must be a member of a union bank. Whether it’s a checking or savings account

• The phone number and email address associated with the access bank account must be current.

• Access to a smart phone is necessary ( android, IOS etc)

A valid ATM card


Registration Requirements For Foreign Currency Transfers

  • Beneficiary information – beneficiary’s name, account number, and complete contact address (not P.O. Box).
  • Transfer’s purpose
  • Bank account information for the beneficiary – bank name, address, swift code (IBAN/chips, sort code, and bank number, if available).
  • Your Secure Pass/Hard Token.

Transferring Funds Using Your UBA Foreign Internet Banking Account


  • Navigate to www.ibank.ubagroup.com.
  • Login using your user name and password.
  • Determine who is responsible for the correspondent bank fee. This is the fee charged by the Beneficiary’s bank for the service given and is not subject to UBA’s control. Select ‘Beneficiary to bear’ or ‘Sender to bear’.
  • Choose a Transfer Type – by default, the transfer type is Swift Transfer, but you can change it to Draft.
  • Select an account to debit – keep in mind that only your Domiciliary Account(s) will be displayed here. It is required that the account you pick is in the same currency as the funds you desire to send. The system does not support cross-currency transfers; nevertheless, this does not preclude the Beneficiary from receiving payments in alternative currencies. In other words, only Dollars, Pounds, and Euros may be moved from Dollar accounts.
  • Complete the Sender, Beneficiary, and Bank information (and, if appropriate, the Intermediate Bank information.
  • Kindly express the transfer’s purpose plainly. Terms such as personal, official, and so on are not appropriate. It must be expressed plainly, for example, payment for the Toyota car that was imported, school expenses for my daughter, and so forth.
  • Verify all information and click Transfer. At this point, you will see the Terms & Conditions. Read the Terms and Conditions and, if satisfied, click Agree to proceed to the transaction authentication page (click Disagree only if you want to discontinue the transfer process).
  • To authenticate the transaction, enter your Token code in the token area and click OK. You will receive the following response: “Successful: Transaction has been submitted for processing!” You will receive a telex confirmation of the transaction (if successful but if not, transaction declined notification and reason for decline)

Download the UBA Mobile Banking Application for 2021

I’ve been looking for information on how to obtain the UBA mobile app for transactions. Once you’ve created your UBA online banking profile and obtained your username and password, you’re ready to go.

Then download the app, log in, and start using UBA mobile banking.


For Android Users – CLICK HERE



UBA Internet Banking Frequently Asked Questions 2021

How Do I Reset the Password for My UBA Online Banking Account?

Please click on ‘lost your password?’ on the Internet Banking Home Page.

Then, on the following screen, enter your Internet Banking USER ID and click Submit. Then, answer any security questions you’ve specified and a new password is generated and delivered to your registered e-mail address.

How Do I Log Into Internet Banking? Is It Downloadable As A Phone App?

Internet Banking is accessible via ibank.ubagroup.com from any internet-enabled device – computer, laptop, or smart phone, for example. You may download Internet Banking apps from app stores to make it easier to access and utilize.

I Received My Log-in Credentials In My Inbox Along With An Attached Pdf; How Do I Access My Log-in Credentials?

In Nigeria, all accounts are ten digits; your login credentials are contained in the PDF attached to the email you received; the PDF has been pass-coded using the last seven digits of ANY of your ten-digit UBA Plc account numbers; as a hint, the last three digits of the account used are stated in the body of the e-mail you received.

How Do I Obtain A Token And What Does It Cost?


You can obtain a hard token at any UBA Business Office. For added convenience, U-Token is available for download and fast activation in app stores.

Is It Possible to Change My User ID? How Frequently Can It Be Modified?

Yes! To do so, choose the Personal Profile menu and then click Update User ID. You may change your user ID as frequently as you choose. It’s entirely up to you!

How Can I Boost My Transaction Capacity?

There are the following transaction limitations in effect:

N200, 000/day PIN

OTP – N200,000 daily

Secure Pass – N1,000,000 per day

Note: To complete an indemnity for larger limits, up to N5 million per day, you must visit one of our Business Offices or call CFC. Please keep in mind that these are the CBN-mandated restrictions.

How Do I Obtain a Copy of My Account Statement?

After logging into the app, choose the account or card to see and then click on Statement to view your transactions. You’ll be able to access your most recent six-month statement.