Wells Fargo Deposit Check Online

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To begin using the Wells Fargo deposit check online service, you must be a Wells Fargo bank customer. This strategy is effective and beneficial to consumers.

Online Check Deposit with Wells Fargo

To begin, you must download the Wells Fargo mobile app from the Google Play store and follow the instructions below:

1. On your smartphone or tablet, download the Wells Fargo Mobile app.



2. Access your account by logging in.

3. In the bottom bar, click Deposit. Alternatively, you can utilize the Deposit Checks shortcut.


Choose an Account

1. From the Deposit to dropdown menu, select an account. If you’ve configured a default account, it’ll be pre-selected. If this is your first time using theobile app, go to register a new account.

2. To establish or modify your default account, navigate to the Deposit to drop-down menu and choose the account you wish to use as your default, then click Make this account my default.

After you’ve created and configured your default account, you may begin depositing checks.

Take note* that any future Wells Fargo check deposits will be made to your default account. This can be changed at any time prior to making a new deposit.

Input Amount

1. Enter the amount of the check. The remaining daily and 30-day mobile deposit limits for your account will also be displayed on the screen.

2. To ensure that your check deposit goes well, please double-check that the amount entered matches the amount on your check and then click Continue.

Once you’ve double-checked to ensure there are no errors, you may move on to the next stage.


Take Photographs

Prior to uploading images of your Wells Fargo check deposit, please pay attention to the following little details, as they may help expedite the deposit processing timeline and ensure your cash reach your account on time.

1. On the reverse of your check, write “For Mobile Deposit at Wells Fargo Bank Only” (or, if available, select the box that states “Check here if mobile deposit”).

2. Take a photograph of both sides of your endorsed check. You may snap the photo by pressing the camera button. It is highly advised that you follow these photography strategies for the best results:

• Arrange check on a simple, dark-colored surface that is brightly illuminated.

• Align the camera exactly over the check (not angled).

• Align all four corners of your mobile device’s screen with the instructions.

Once you have a reasonably accurate image of your endorsed check, you may proceed with your check deposit. From here, the process is as simple as it gets.

Make a Deposit

1. Verify that the information for your deposit is correct, then click Deposit.

2. You’ll receive an on-screen confirmation and an email confirming receipt of your Wells Fargo check deposit. If you do not receive this on-screen confirmation, simply repeat the previous two steps.

Congratulations if you receive the confirmation email; your Wells Fargo check deposit has been received and is being processed.

3. Following online confirmation of your Wells Fargo check deposit. Avoid hurriedly discarding your physical check. To be secure, mark the front of the cheque with “mobile deposit” and the date. Keep the check secure for five days before shredding it. Keeping the check provides sufficient time for the payment to be completed while also preserving your proof of payment. Once payment has been received in your account, shred the actual check.

Nota Bene: Mobile deposit is available exclusively through the Wells Fargo Mobile® application. Other restrictions and limitations apply. While certain accounts are ineligible for mobile deposit, this is an unusual occurrence. Availability may be impacted by the service region of your cell provider.


When Can I Access My Mobile Deposit?

If you already got deposit confirmation, it’s simply a matter of time until your cash are credited to your account.

Mobile deposited monies are accessible the next business day following the credit date of the deposit, unless a hold is issued. When a deposit is held (or a hold is placed on an account), monies are deposited to the account but are not immediately available to pay debits or withdrawals. Although this is highly improbable and unusual, it might be for a variety of reasons:

1. A substantial deposit

2. Frequently occurring overdrafts

3. Returned unpaid check on deposit

• It is possible that your deposited cheque will not be honored.

If a hold is placed on any amount of your deposit at the time of deposit, you will get a notice on your mobile device before to completing your deposit, indicating when funds will become accessible. At this point, you may cancel your deposit. However, if you proceed and submit your mobile deposit, you will be informed of the hold on the confirmation page and in the email sent to your primary email address and secure inbox.

When the amount of your deposit appears in the available balance of the account you selected when you completed your mobile deposit, you’ll know it’s available.


• Is there a maximum amount of money that I may deposit using the Wells Fargo Mobile app?

Yes, when you pick a Deposit to account and enter an amount, your mobile deposit restrictions are displayed for each qualifying account.

Any sum in excess of this deposit limit may result in a hold being placed on your account. This issue may take some time to address, so be certain it is worth the risk before proceeding.


What Is the Process for Endorsing a Check for Mobile Deposit?

Prior to photographing your checks, sign the back and write “For Mobile Deposit Only at Wells Fargo Bank” underneath your signature (or, if accessible, select the box that states “Check here if mobile deposit”).


What should I do with my paper check once I’ve deposited it via mobile deposit?

Please take these safety and precautionary measures after depositing your cheque via mobile deposit:

On the face of your cheque, write “mobile deposit” and the date. The month, day, and year of your deposit should be included in the date.

Store your cheque securely for five days following your deposit and then trash it. This provides adequate time in the event that the initial check is necessary for whatever reason.

• Are there any expenses associated with mobile deposit?

There are currently no costs associated with using Wells Fargo Mobile or mobile deposit for Wells Fargo check deposit Online and Wells Fargo Business Online clients.

Essentially, your deposit is processed and sent for nothing.

Please keep in mind that the message and data charges of your mobile carrier may apply.