What Credit Score Do You Need For PayPal Credit?

What is the minimum credit score required for PayPal credit?
PayPal does not disclose the minimum credit score required for their credit programme. The lowest scores approved, according to user reports across the internet, are 600 FICO.

PayPal specifically uses Equifax and Experian FICO scores. When applying, make sure your revolving utilisation is less than 30%.

Before applying, you should always consider improving your credit score. If you are turned down, you will face a hard inquiry, which will lower your score for a year.

In the long run, working with a professional to improve your scores is always worthwhile.

We’ll go over everything you need to know about the PayPal credit card, including how to apply and get pre-approved, in this article on what credit score do you need for PayPal credit.

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Let’s begin this article on what credit score do you need for PayPal credit by defining PayPal credit.

PayPal Credit was launched in 2016, despite the fact that PayPal was founded in 1998. PayPal Credit works like a credit card in that it can be used to purchase any consumer item that accepts PayPal.

If the item costs less than £99, you have six months to pay it off without incurring interest. If you spend more than £99, the period is cut to four months. After that, you’ll have to pay a 19.9% annual percentage rate.

Although there is no annual fee, you must be approved when applying, and your credit score will suffer as a result.

Unlike comparison websites that conduct “soft checks,” PayPal conducts a full “hard check,” leaving a mark on your credit report.


It’s simple to sign up for PayPal Credit and begin using it (which is what can make it so enticing).

When you’re ready to buy your shoes, online course, or exercise bike, you’ll notice a familiar PayPal button, indicating that you can pay with your PayPal balance.

The PayPal Credit option will appear after you click that button. You’ll be asked to fill out an application, and if approved, you’ll get your credit the same day. According to some sources, getting approved requires a credit score of around 700.

When you submit that application, you’ll be subjected to a full credit check, which will leave a mark on your credit report.

However, one major advantage of PayPal is that you’ll only have to go through a credit check once: once approved, you’ll be able to shop wherever PayPal is accepted. This is why PayPal credit users are said to spend 30% more than non-credit users.

To apply for PayPal Credit, you must meet the following criteria:

• Must be over the age of 18 and a UK resident

• Having avoided bankruptcy

• Earn more than £7,500 per annum

• An acceptable credit history

• As you can see, it functions similarly to a credit card. After you get credit, you’ll have to pay off your balance over a set period of time. You won’t have to pay interest for the first 4 or 6 months.

However, once those months are up, you’ll have to begin making minimum payments and paying 19.9% interest.

The minimum payments are £5 or 2% of the outstanding balance, whichever is greater. If you don’t pay on time, you’ll be charged a late payment fee of £12.


• To be approved for PayPal credit, you must meet their minimum requirements and submit an online application. A good credit score improves your chances of getting approved.

• Credit Glory can help you improve your credit score and increase your chances of approval if you need it.


• You can apply online if you already have a PayPal account.

• How To Get A PayPal Mastercard Credit Card With Pre-Approval

• They do not offer pre-approval due to the requirements for obtaining a PayPal card.



You must have an existing PayPal account and be a US citizen over the age of 18 to be eligible for a PayPal credit card.


To apply, you must provide your date of birth, your Social Security number’s last four digits, and a credit score of at least 650.


A credit score of at least 650, a low debt-to-income ratio, and a low utilisation ratio are all requirements for the PayPal MasterCard credit card.

Qualifications for PayPal MasterCard Credit Cards (Minimum credit score required)

The likelihood of receiving a PayPal MasterCard credit card is determined by your credit score. If your score is above 700, you have a good chance of being approved. Approval can be difficult for scores below 700.


Pre-approval is not available through PayPal. Having a PayPal account, being a US citizen over the age of 18, and having a credit score of 650-700 improve your chances of approval. Credit Glory can help you improve your credit and increase your chances of approval.


To be approved for PayPal credit, you must have a credit score of at least 700. Your application was probably denied because your score was below 700. Credit Glory can help you improve your credit score and increase your chances of approval.


In some cases, we advise consulting a credit repair professional to review your credit report. Allowing professionals to determine the reasons for your score drop saves you a lot of time, effort, and money.

Credit Glory is a reputable company that we recommend if you want to improve your credit score. Call them at (833) 461-0151 to schedule an appointment. They also provide outstanding customer service.

Credit Glory is a credit repair firm that assists regular people in removing inaccurate, incomplete, unverifiable, unauthorised, or fraudulent negative items from their credit reports.

Their main goal is to provide consumers with the tools and knowledge they need to achieve their financial goals in 2020 and beyond.



When I first learned about credit scores, I was astounded: my ability to obtain credit is largely dependent on this number?

Your credit score will be affected if you apply for PayPal Credit. That’s because your credit score suffers when you undergo a “hard credit check.”

PayPal has partnered with Synchrony Bank, a bank that will review your application and conduct an audit.

This hard inquiry will remain on your credit report for two years and may result in a few points being deducted from your credit score. PayPal Credit has been reporting information to credit bureaus since 2019.

This means that if you miss a payment or pay late, it may appear on your credit report, lowering your score even more.

Is this something that will happen even if I am approved? Yes, even if you are approved for PayPal Credit, you will be subjected to a thorough investigation. The more loan products you apply for, the more “footprints” are left on your report, and your score may suffer as a result.

This will make obtaining future products such as a mortgage, credit, or loans more difficult. Although one hard check will not significantly lower your credit score, applying for multiple loans in a short period of time will.


If you want to improve your credit score, you should avoid PayPal Credit and instead use a different product.

If you really need credit, consider getting a credit card that is designed to help you improve your credit score.

Enroll in the electoral roll

The electoral roll is a voter registration list. Being on the electoral roll allows you to vote in elections and provides information to credit bureaus (those who calculate your credit score).

It also acts as an identity verification step when you apply for a credit product, helping to prevent identity theft.

It only takes a few minutes to register for the electoral roll on Gov.uk.

Use a credit card designed to help you build credit.

Consider this: how will mortgage lenders or credit companies know how you manage your debt if you’ve never had a credit card? They are not. Signing up for a credit card and building a credit history is one of the best ways to improve your credit score.

But not just any credit card will do; there are some credit cards designed specifically for people with “short credit histories” that will make learning about debt management simple and safe.

The credit limit is lower, and the APR is much higher – so make sure you set up a direct debit payment so everything is taken care of automatically and you don’t miss any payments.

Using cards like Aqua could be a good way to begin building credit. Check out our article on how Aqua can help your credit history if you need help deciding whether credit builder cards are right for you.

Reduce the number of applications you submit.

You leave a footprint on your credit report every time you apply for credit. That is why you should make every effort to limit the number of loans you apply for. If your application is denied, your credit score will suffer even more damage.

If you already have a line of credit or a credit card, it’s best to use that instead of applying for PayPal Credit. Before you apply, see if you can find out how likely you are to be accepted.

Many free credit score tools, such as ClearScore, are available to help you determine the likelihood of your application being accepted.

Make any necessary changes to your credit report.

Finally, in this article about what credit score is required for PayPal credit, we’ll go over how to correct any credit card errors.

The three main credit bureaus in the UK (TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian) will have a lot of data and information on you, and they’ll decide whether or not you get a loan.

As a result, if the information they have is inaccurate, your application will be denied and your credit score will suffer.

When you receive a complete credit report, double-check every line for any errors. If you find any, contact the bureau to ensure that it is resolved. To double-check, compare your score to that of a couple of the bureaus.

Because PayPal Credit has an impact on your credit score, it’s important to be cautious when applying. Consider using a credit card or credit line that you have already applied for if you need credit.

Before you apply, use free credit scoring tools to see how likely you are to be accepted. Don’t let PayPal ruin your credit score because you worked hard to build it.