What Is First Bank Online Banking

FirstBank Nigeria’s introduction of online banking has made banking in Nigeria more flexible and convenient. We will give you detailed information on FirstBank Nigeria online banking in today’s guide.
Your hectic daily schedule has piqued your interest in online banking, and it will be beneficial if you read this guide to the end to grasp all of the shared information on FirstBank Nigeria online banking.
Walking to the bank to get banking services is becoming less common these days.

This is because people are increasingly using digital banking to conduct transactions and check account balances from any location.

There are many misconceptions about online banking, but the good news is that FirstBank Nigeria has provided their customers with a number of benefits that can be accessed by self-banking online.

To get some basic banking services, one no longer needs to join the long lines at the bank.

This has reduced the pressure on local tellers at the FirstBank Nigeria branch to provide excellent service to all customers.

Let’s move on to more interesting information if you’re ready for more detailed online banking information with FirstBank Nigeria.

What Does FirstBank Mean? Online Banking in Nigeria

FirstBank Nigeria online banking is a technologically advanced method of banking that allows you to enjoy banking services in your favorite location while maintaining robust features and enhanced security.

Customers can use this type of banking to make transactions, check account balances, and access a variety of other services from anywhere.

You will, however, require reliable internet access on your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

FirstBank Nigeria was recently announced as the first Nigerian bank to issue 10 million cards to its customers.

Because of the product’s excellent services, customers are quickly adopting online banking with First Bank Nigeria.

Who is eligible to use FirstBank? Online Banking in Nigeria

Individuals, businesses, and corporations with an active banking account with FirstBank Nigeria are eligible to register for online banking.

FirstBank Nigeria never fails to accommodate its customers, so don’t hesitate to try banking online with FirstBank Nigeria; you won’t be disappointed.


Some of the requirements to register for FirstBank Nigeria online banking are listed below:

1. Computer, tablet, or smartphone

2. High-speed internet access

3. A First Bank Nigeria account that is active


To begin banking online with FirstBank Nigeria, follow these simple step-by-step instructions:

1. Go to First Bank Nigeria’s online banking portal by going to https://ibank.firstbanknigeria.com/corp/AuthenticationController?

2. Locate and click the “Self-Registration” button on the online portal page.

3. You’ll be redirected to the online banking registration page. Fill in the fields on the registration screen with your information, such as your card number, card PIN, preferred user ID, and confirmation code.

4. To continue, click the “Continue” button.

5. A notification with your FirstBank online banking information will appear.

6. Then, go back to the First Bank Nigeria online portal and activate your account.

7. Enter your User ID, which was sent to you via email after you registered.

8. Verify the verification code displayed on the screen.

9. Press the “Next” button.

To log into your account, enter your password.

11. To complete your online banking registration with FirstBank, change your password, create a new password that is easy to remember, and click submit.


Some of the features of FirstBank online banking are listed below:

1. Allows for the self-verification of intercepted transactions.

2. Download the statement

3. Enable customers to complete multiple transactions with a single token entry.

4. Payment of bills

5. Assists in the creation or cancellation of standing instructions

6. Provide enhanced and improved account and transaction security.

7. Updating the account balance


The following are some of FirstBank’s online banking services:

FirstOnline is a FirstBank Nigeria online banking product that allows registered customers to conduct transactions such as money transfers, bill payments, and many others via the internet using a smartphone, tablet, or computer at any time and from any location.

Paypal: FirstBank Nigeria offers its customers the PayPal online payment card, which enables them to make secure online payments without disclosing their account or card information to merchants.

On FirstBank Nigeria’s online banking, this information is available.

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