What is Is The Minimum Balance For A GCB Savings Account

If you want to know the minimum amount you can leave in your savings account at the Ghana Commercial Bank, you’ve come to the right place.

Every Ghanaian knows that saving money has become a big part of their lives.

It’s also important to find a safe and flexible way to save money.

With this in mind, GCB has come up with three main groups that cover everyone from kids to adults.

The first time you open a savings account at GCB, you have to make a deposit to start the account up.

This deposit is always in your account. There is another deposit called the minimum operating balance, and when you withdraw this minimum operating balance, your account is no longer active or alive.

Individual savings accounts must have at least Gh5.00 in them to work, and they must have at least Gh10.00 in them when they open.

There are different types of Ghana Commercial Bank savings accounts.

GCB’s savings account is broken down into three (3) types, as we already said.

First, Flexsave.

2. Trust the account.

It’s number three.

With GCB, everyone can save.

I want to open a GCB savings account. How do I apply?

Getting a savings account with GCB is very simple and quick.

When you start the process, you only need two (2) passport-sized photos and proof of your address. You also need a national ID card and proof of postal address.

After you have all of these documents, go to any Ghana Commercial Bank branch in the country and ask for and fill out the account opening form.

You also need to have at least Gh 100.00 to open a savings account and pay for other things if they happen.

No, I can’t withdraw all of the money out of my Ghana Commercial Bank savings account.

You can’t withdraw all the money out of your savings account at once. That’s because there is a minimum amount of money you can have in your account. When you withdraw to that amount, you can no longer cash out again, so that’s why.

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